Being Disciples: Through Lent with Matthew

By Peter Carrell and Lynda Patterson, Theology House Publications 2014

This publication is currently out of print, if you are interested in using this study, please inquire by email: or phone: 03 341 3399.

Discipleship is a bit trendy, if talk around the churches these days is anything to go by. But is discipleship a trend? Trends come and go, like fashion garments and crazes for skateboards and gold chains, surely being a disciple is not like that? Jesus, after all, seemed pretty serious whenever he talked about being a disciple. He didn’t say, ‘Follow me for a while – leave when the trend changes.’

Is it possible, however, that Christians have lost sight of what being a disciple means. Perhaps current talk about discipleship is not so much trendy as restorative. A way of being Christian is back in vogue. If so, how do we stay the course?

To that end, one resource for 2014 is Being Disciples: Through Lent with Matthew,  a six part study series written by Peter Carrell (Director of Theology House) and the late Lynda Patterson (former Dean of ChristChurch Cathedral). The six studies are:

  • The joy and terror of being called (Matthew 4:18-22)
  • Disciples in crisis (Matthew 8:23-27)
  • Disciples in mission (Matthew 10:37-42)
  • When the going gets tough (Matthew 11:28-30)
  • Disciples in community (Matthew 18:10-22)
  • Disciples in the making (Matthew 28:16-20)

This study booklet builds on a successful predecessor, co-written by the same authors, The Praying Life: Through Lent with Luke. A sample of the booklet can be seen at here: Being Disciples sample version. The cover is here: W_348 THE_lenten studies_cover_1.

Copies of this resource are still available at $7 per copy plus P&P

Email: or phone: 03 341 3399.