Cover 2016

Stewardship: Through Lent with Mark by Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley and Peter Carrell

This is the fourth in this extremely popular series (over 3,000 copies were sold across NZ in 2015).  The six sessions are:

  • Joining together to find a miracle
  • Making a little go a long way
  • Leaving everything to follow Jesus
  • Giving to God out of poverty
  • Generosity and Charity
  • Disciples provide for Jesus even at his death

The course includes additional discussion questions, to give leaders more scope and options.  Introduction and sample study available here: Stewardship in Mark’s Gospel INTRO AND SAMPLE STUDY

Copies of this resource are available at $7 per copy plus P&P. Orders to or phone (03) 341 3399.

Overseas customers: we can mail overseas. Alternatively we can provide a license and print-ready file for you to arrange your own printing locally. Please enquire by email for pricing.