Theology House Library and Anglican Resource Centre

Theology House library contains books owned by Theology House and books and other resources such as DVDs, kits, study series owned by the Anglican Resource Centre of the Diocese of Christchurch.

In summary terms, Theology House library is a collection of theological books and the Anglican Resource Centre is a collection of ministry resources, especially geared for ministry to children, youth and families.

Borrowers are welcome to borrow any item on our shelves. Items are on loan for 3 weeks, but can easily be renewed by emailing our Librarian:

We are open for business 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday.  

However if you wish to have personal guidance from a member of our (part-time) staff, please ring and make a time to suit you.

To look up a book or resource on our THEOLOGY HOUSE catalogue click HERE.

Currently about 1750 theological books are housed at Laidlaw College, Condell Avenue, Bryndwr.  Borrowers with a Theology House library card are welcome to borrow any book from the Laidlaw College library.   These books cover mostly church history, biblical studies and systematic theology.   Link to LAIDLAW COLLEGE Christchurch library and catalogue HERE.

NOTE TO POSTAL BORROWERS: We welcome postal borrowers from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. We will do our best to assist you.

For all books shelved at Theology House we will continue to post books requested by borrowers and ask for repayment of postage (and, of course, return of books). Once you have found the book you seek on our catalogue, email our Librarian at with your request, your postal details, and your contact phone number.

For books shelved at Laidlaw College Christchurch we cannot guarantee the same level of service but will do our best on a book by book basis. For these books, also contact Sarah our Librarian at

NOTE TO CANDIDATES FOR ORDINATION AND FOR ENQUIRERS RE ORDINATION The following booklist may be of use and/or recommended to you for use re locating books concerning Anglican ordained ministry: Resources for those considering ordination 2010 . Note that it is date “2010” and currently it has a former address and phone number for Theology House on the front cover!