The Canterbury Earthquakes: From Recovery to Wellbeing

Exploring the Church’s pastoral response following the Canterbury earthquakes and looking forward to the ongoing needs of the community. Presentations will include reflections on the trauma experienced, one community’s journey from rubble to rebuild and what the Church needs to understand going forward.

20 February 2020 7:30pm at All Souls Church, Church Lane, Merivale


Seven Years from Hell 2011-2018 by Tilly Flood

An exploration in words and pictures of the aftermath of the Canterbury Earthquakes

This paper will present an insider’s view of the trauma experiences by the city of Christchurch and its people in the wake of the February 22 earthquake which claimed 185 lives.  The trauma was multilayered and was experienced also by the church and within the church.  The paper will examine the church’s response to this trauma both in terms of outreach and within its own community.  It will be self reflexive in approach and, drawing on the presenter’s Fine Arts background, will be illustrated with documentary images of the destruction and rebuild over the 7 years.  It will include a case study of one parish’s journey from rubble to rebuild.  Mission, theological and archival responses will be threaded through the narrative.


Learning from the All Right? Campaign by Lucy D’Aeth

How the Church can support communities and individuals in their quest for wellbeing.

Drawing on experience of successful programmes and extensive research from the All Right? campaign, Lucy will present on what individuals and populations need to grow their capacity for wellbeing.  You’ve seen their posters around town, hear about the understanding behind their work and take away new insights to shape your community’s ministry.