Introduction re enrolment/administration of Christian Studies (Anglican Studies) courses

  1. Note the critical, authoritative document for 2018 courses is the Anglican Studies Handbook 2017.
  2. Note that all students must be generally enrolled for the Diploma of Christian Studies via St John’s College and that this process, governed by NZ Qualifications Authority requirements, is rigorous re identification and citizenship requirements. However …
  3. Once generally accepted via this enrolment process, registration for individual courses from one semester to another is straightforward.
  4. All courses have no tuition fees (because tutors/lecturers costs are paid for by funding from the St John’s College Trust Board) but each course has an administration fee of $50, to cover Theology House’s costs in administering the course, with this fee including morning and afternoon tea refreshments.

Notes re academic requirements for Christian Studies (Anglican Studies) courses

    1. These courses are NZQA Level 5 (that is, first year university level studies)
    2. There are achievable but demanding levels of reading and essay writing required (e.g. demanding in terms of time required). There is also a need to be computer and internet literate, especially if undertaking the FlexiLearn courses. Please contact Tom Innes, Acting Director of Theology House, if you have any concerns about meeting these levels of achievement.
    3. Importantly, 80% attendance in face-to-face class sessions is a strict requirement of the course if credit is to be achieved. (Most people meet these requirements easily, but care needs to be taken not to have diary clashes with class times on a Friday night and/or Saturday daytime timetable.
    4. Similarly, 80% attendance is required for online engagement, both in respect of written engagement with discussion topics and in respect of engagement with online video/audio tutorials.
    5. Each 5 credits requires 10-12 hours of “contact” which means a mix of face to face classroom hours and online hours of engagement. Specifics will be spelled out for each course.