Interested in Ordained Ministry?

The Diocese of Christchurch encourages vocations to the ordained ministry and facilitates training and education pathways for those selected for ordination.

One path involves residential study and formation at a recognised theological institution, for instance St John’s College in Auckland. On the Bishop’s recommendation, an ordinand may be awarded a scholarship to St John’s, leading to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Theology through Otago University and a Diploma in Anglican Studies.

An alternative path to ordained ministry allows candidates to study and prepare part-time in Christchurch. The Diocese’s preferred university for distance education is Otago University, and their courses can be studied via distance learning. Graduates of Laidlaw College are welcome to engage in conversation with the Diocese about its discernment process for ordination.

Part-time ordinands may be required to commit to a mentoring programme within the Diocese and to undertake other training as directed by the Bishop of Christchurch.

All local ordinands are encouraged to participate in Diploma of Christian Studies papers* (formerly known as Anglican Studies papers), training courses, other occasional courses and programmes run by Theology House.

*Some Diploma of Christian Studies papers are cross-creditable into the University of Otago B. Theol.

The Director of Education for the Diocese of Christchurch, Rev Stephanie Robson, is the person to talk to if you are interested in exploring ordination within the Diocese. She can explain the process and outline the various training options.  A conversation with Stephanie is advised before enrolling in any course. The Diocesan Director or Ordinands is Jenny Wilkens. Jenny oversees the selection and formation process for ordinands.

You are free to contact Stephanie Robson, Jenny Wilkens or Bishop Peter Carrell personally with your inquiry re the vocation of priest or deacon in the Church.

Post Ordination Training

Theology House plays a role as host for Post Ordination Training in the Diocese of Christchurch. Currently Post Ordination Training is a requirement of all newly ordained ministers in the Diocese (for the first three years after ordination as a deacon, for those who will be ordained priests. Those ordained to the Vocational or Permanent Diaconate are trained within the Household of Deacons, led by Archdeacon Anne Russell-Brighty.)

The Post Ordination Training Director is Archdeacon Susan Baldwin. Susan is assisted by Stephanie Robson, Lynette Lightfoot, and Bishop Peter Carrell.