Christianity Today: How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?

Short responses by a number of evangelical church leaders.


Mohamed El Bachiri, A Jihad for Love.

This is a plea for tolerance and compassion from Mohamed El Bachiri, who lost his wife Loubna in the Brussels attack of March 2016.


The Global Church Project

This link is to a clip with Lamin Sanneh. There are links on the page to helpful interviews by J. Dudley Woodberry (on relating to Muslims) and Miroslav Volf on reconciliation and engagement with others as created and loved by God.


Lamin Sanneh

Lots on YouTube:


Miroslav Volf

Lots on YouTube:


Bob Robinson

This interview explores how Jesus related to Samaritans in the Gospels and what that can teach us about relating to our Muslim neighbours.


Multifaith Matters

This site is US based but with a global outlook. The link below is to books, video and podcast resources.


John Morehead speaks to Safi Kaskas terror attack in Christchurch and relationships between Christians and Muslims. (Podcast number 6 on this page.)


How Should Christians Relate to Muslims?


How to talk to your kids about: Trauma


Customs for Mourning in the Muslim Community