Recent Acquisitions to the Library

MessyMessy Nativity
Jane Leadbetter
The history of the Messy Nativity project, followed by a step-by-step guide to how other churches can run their own Messy Nativity. It includes templates, timelines, photos and the script of the nativity story.

AdventAdvent – Christmas Resources for Children’s Ministry Leaders
Anglican Resource Centre
A wide range of tried and true ideas for children’s ministry. Plays, puzzles, pictures, stories; all easily photocopied.

LoveLove Life Live Advent
Paula Gooder & Peter Babington
Reflections of significant passages related to God’s concern for the poor, interlaced with personal reflections, with thought-provoking questions and reflections at the end of chapters.

10 min  10 Minute Christmas Activity Book
Bethan James & Heather Stuart
The Christmas story for children, with puzzles and activities on each page.

MissionMission In The 21st Century
Edited by Andrew Walls & Cathy Ross
“Fresh insights into the theology and the everyday practice of mission. … this selection of essays grants us a taste of our world – with all its beauty and potential as well as its despair and compromise.”

Good disagree   Good Disagreement?
Andrew Atherstone & Andrew Goddard
“The authors of this book repeatedly and often movingly illustrate that Christians can engage with one another and their profound differences in an attitude of sacrificial love and openness to Christ.”

Out from    Out From St Martins
Lyn Smith
The stories of missionaries who came from St Martins parish in Christchurch. “A resounding testimony to their faithfulness and to God’s goodness, provision, and protection”.
Good   The Good Doctor
Lance O’Sullivan
An inspirational, one-of-a-kind life story. Lance and his wife Tracy set up a ground-breaking practice in the Far North that offers free healthcare to the many who can’t afford it.

In middle     In The Middle Of It
Bob Scott
An Anglican priest’s memoir “of the trials and successes of dealing with bureaucracies, homophobia, racism, inter-faith distrust … and many more challenges we face.”

PerformingPerforming The Faith: Bonhoeffer and the practice of        nonviolence
Stanley Hauerwas
Examines the issue of political nonviolence in the context of our 21st century world and Bonhoeffer’s writing.

Joining    Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing The World
Alan J. Roxburgh
This book “…urges Christians to follow the Spirit into our neighborhoods, re-engage with the mission of God, and re-imagine the whole enterprise of church.”

Introduction   Introduction to Religious & Theological Studies
Cyril Orji
Examines “the theology and religious studies that is centered in the Christian tradition, … alongside the development of Judaism, Islam, and African religious traditions.”

Every day  Every Day of Advent and Christmas
Redemptorist Publications
Children will love the games, puzzles, mazes, and activities designed to help them focus on the themes and traditions of the Advent season.

Nicolas   Nicholas of Myra: Giver of Gifts
Barbara Yoffie
The story of the real Santa. St. Nicholas was well-known for his joyful spirit of giving and his kind heart. Many Christmas traditions were inspired by this holy and loving saint.

12 days   The Twelve Days of Christmas: a secret song of faith
Cassandre Maxwell
A story of the truths hidden in the familiar carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Some believe this song was written as a guide for Catholics in England at a time when they were not allowed to practice their faith.”

Wait  Watch, Wait and Wonder
Anne Neuberger
This fun and engaging book gives kids ages 5-9 plenty of hands-on activities and daily Bible readings to help them understand and embrace this joyful season of waiting.

Creative  Creative Worship
John Guest
“This book contains 20 services, each suitable for all ages and any size of church. …new slants on Bible stories and … new methods to get the message across. … everyone, whatever their age.”

HighHigh Fives: Advent Thoughts of Joy
Paige Shortal
An Advent pamphlet designed for teachers and parents to use with primary children. Daily reflections for the Advent season with a theme for each week: waiting, light, sharing, and presents.

Tales   Tales from the Jesse Tree
Amy Robinson
Twenty five Bible stories – one for each day in Advent. Each is accompanied by notes, tips, storytelling techniques and a video available online.

Candle  Candle Prayers
David Adam
Reflective services for living in the light. Services for special occasions (e.g. Advent) and themes (e.g. Birth). Each includes a welcome, candle-lighting, special intention and closing prayer.

WalkingWalking Backwards to Christmas
Stephen Cottrell
“Using the brilliant, deceptively simple device of telling the Christmas story backwards, Stephen Cottrell helps us encounter it as if for the first time.” Each includes a Bible reading and a prayer.

FeastingFeasting on the Word Advent Companion
This book gives an alternative to the straight lectionary for Advent. It presents a previously published and new material, including both resources for sermon preparation and ready-to-use liturgies.

Wish   What Do You Wish For?
Jane Godwin
A little girl thinks about all the things she loves about Christmas that make it special.

Just  Just Nicholas
Annie Kratzsch & Tessa Janes
“A story older than Santa” about the man who gave to others because he was grateful for what God gave him. Includes questions for adults to explore with children.

September list:

Paki   The Chronicles of Paki (series 2)
Coming Soon
New Zealand history for children: “mistakes made and victories won as missionaries tried to do good, traders tried to make profits, settlers sought a better life – and Maori were turning away from tribal warfare towards a new way of peace.”

Damien   Father Damien: Hawaii’s Saint
Rene Berthier and Marie-Helene Sigaut
The life of Father Damien, from Belgium to Moloka’i, Hawai’i. This story vividly unfolds as it depicts the challenges and hardships he encountered leading up to and during his selfless dedication to the victims of Hansen’s Disease.”

Poverty   Make Poverty Personal
Ash Barker
Reflections of significant passages related to God’s concern for the poor, interlaced with personal reflections, with thought-provoking questions and reflections at the end of chapters.

SourceThe Source (Vol. 1, 2, 3)
Compiled by Graham Kendrick
Words to hundreds of hymns and contemporary songs. Music score in Vols. 2 and 3. Vol 3 also has a CD-ROM of the words.

Unapologetic  Unapologetic
Francis Spufford
“Why, despite everything, Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense. …a book for believers who are fed up with being patronsied, and for non-believers curious about how faith can possibly work in the twenty-first century.”

Biblical   Biblical Criticism: a Guide for the perplexed
Eryl W. Davies
“…a lucid and judicious introduction to a number of the methods of biblical criticism.”

Sabbath   Living the Sabbath
Norman Wirzba
“Far from merely urging readers to observe Sabbath once a week, this book will humble, fascinate but most of all challenge spiritual seekers to pursue the fullness of Sabbath.”

Friends For Life: Building relationships that lead to faith in God
Rob Bell
A four week DVD course designed to teach Christians how to build great relationships and lead their friends to faith

GusheeChanging Our Mind
David Gushee
“his book stands to be of pivotal importance in reframing the LGBT dialogue in the church, and in reclaiming the church’s moral authority for a new generation.”

LetterA Letter to My Congregation.
Ken Wilson
An evangelical pastor’s path to embracing people who are homosexual, lesbian and transgender in the company of Jesus.

Gay  Gay and Catholic
Eve Tushnet
“…widely published writer and blogger Eve Tushnet recounts her spiritual and intellectual journey from liberal atheism to faithful Catholicism and shows how gay Catholics can love and be loved while adhering to Church teaching.”

Curacies   Curacies and How to Survive Them
Matthew Caminer with Martyn Percy and Beaumont Stevenson, Cartoons by Adrian Bradshaw-Jones
“…compellingly readable, and a combination of experience, research and pastoral wisdom results in plenty of practical insight and realistic advice.”

Earth  Earth Unites With Heaven
Gerard Moore
“…reveals the impulse behind the seasons and ceremonies, the colours and prayers, the structures and priorities of the liturgical year.”

Long road   The Long Road to Heaven
Tim Heaton
An imaginative, creative and enjoyable Lent course that will lead us to new life at Easter.”
DVD “The Way” also available.

God's words  God’s Words, My Voice: A Lectionary for children
Lynne Zill Briggs
A series of readings that is “true to the richness of the lectionary but in words that young children can understand.”

Childrens   Children’s Dramas for the Church Year: Advent & Christmas
Abingdon Press
“There are simple productions for the younger children and more complicated ones for older children.[They] often incorporate familiar music and require little preparation.”

Embracing    Embracing an Adult Faith / Embracing Forgiveness
Marcus Borg / Barbara Cawthorne Crafton
Two DVD studies with books: “…an exciting, five-session, adult-formation resource for those seeking a richer understanding of issues in contemporary Christian practice and theology …”

Strengthen   To Strengthen and Encourage
Patrick Jurd
This series of brief reflections is written for parents, teachers, clergy and other educators who want to draw out the best in young people so that they may truly live the gospel.”

Healing   Healing Presence: A Spirituality of Sunday Gospels Year B
Peter Varengo
“…this new series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels in the year of Mark are primarily concerned with the message of the text; their purpose is not so much to inform as to inspire.”

Alive   Alive Now
Each issue of this bimonthly, 48-page magazine focuses on a contemporary topic that impacts the faith life.

Church times  Church Times
An independent Anglican weekly newspaper based in London. It embraces the principle of diversity in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Messy   Get Messy!
A resource for Messy Church leaders. Each issue contains four session outlines (one per month), including planning sheets and take-home handouts.

Satinove    Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth
Jeffrey Satinover
“A startlingly new look at one of the most contentious issues of our time.”

Plausibility   The Plausibility Problem: The church and same-sex attraction
Ed Shaw
“…shows that the Bible’s teaching seems unreasonable not because of its difficulties, but because of missteps that the church has often taken in its understanding of the Christian life.”