In 2017 we are planning:

(1) A series of Lunchtime Lectures (further detail in early February 2017)

(2) In conjunction with the Transitional Cathedral (which will be venue) we are working on the following:

(2.1) A day conference on Euthanasia, planned for Saturday 1 April 2017 (details by late January 2017)

(2.2) A day conference on Inequality, planned for Saturday 12 August 2017 (details by late February 2017) [the timing of this event might be affected by the timing of the NZ General Election which is ordinarily scheduled for September(ish) 2017]

(2.3) A series of Sunday evening sermons followed by seminars with theologians (details by late February 2017).

In 2017 the Diocese of Christchurch is planning the following which Theology House will likely have a role to play in:

(A) Facilitated conversations on Human Sexuality.

(B) Ministry Training Hui.

Details will be published when they come to hand.

Our previous major conference was:

Tough Questions Today: Exploring Theology of Marriage

Theology House Conference, 2013

PAPERS, AUDIOS and LINKS to VIDEOS accessed from this page

Dates: Friday evening 16th and Saturday 17th August 2013.

Speakers: Bishop Tim Harris, Adelaide; Rev Dr Sue Patterson, Nelson; Bishop Victoria Matthews, Rev Dr Peter Carrell, Christchurch.

Background to the Conference:

Theology of marriage is a hot topic for churches today. In a changing world, gay marriage is being legislated for, leading Christians to divide into those who support such change and those who oppose it. At the very least intense thinking about marriage is taking place in churches and in society. Does marriage require a man and a woman? Should churches be servants of the state in registering marriages? Perhaps the simplest and most basic question today is, ‘What is marriage?’ Tough questions are being asked. Traditional answers are under scrutiny. So are modern answers. This conference offers an opportunity for Christians to set time aside to engage with the questions.

A specific background to this conference is the call of the General Synod 2012 of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia (ACANZP) for exploration of theology of marriage in the run up to General Synod 2014.