Islam and Christianity Resources

The Theology House and the Anglican Resource Centre libraries have some resources on Islam and Christianity. These are listed below, along with a very short blurb indicating what they are about. Information on how to loan from our library can be found HERE.

We have a number of books on order. You can view them HERE. There are also a lot of resources on the internet. Some of these are listed HERE.

(Disclaimer: the links provided to other websites reviewing and selling these resources are not being endorsed by Theology House – they are provided for further information only)


Andrew Smith, My Friend Imran: Christian-Muslim Friendship Y 14 Grove Youth Series (Cambridge: Grove, 2009).

This is a short, very readable booklet. It comes out of a post 9/11 UK context, and was written for youth leaders as a resource for helping their Christian young people form genuine and fruitful friendships with their Muslim neighbors. Helpful for people of all ages. [BV 4529.2 Y14]

Dave Andrews, The Jihad of Jesus: The Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice (Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2015).

Andrews’ premise is that Christians and Muslims have much to teach and to learn from each other. He considers how the two faiths built on justice, love and peace have nevertheless motivated so much violence throughout their histories. He then looks at violence and how to resist it. This is a challenging and inspiring book. Highly recommended. [BT 7836.6 AND]

Jacques Jomier, How to Understand Islam (London: SCM, 1989).

Jomier provides a comprehensive overview of the history, thought and practice of the Islamic faith. The later chapters in the book consider how Christianity and Islam perceive and relate to one another.

Daniel Brown, A New Introduction to Islam (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004).

A readable textbook on Islam.

Douglas Pratt, The Challenge of Islam: Encounters in Interfaith Dialogue (Hampshire: Ashgate, 2005).

An overview of Islam followed by sections on Muslim-Christian and Muslim-Jewish relations and dialogue.

Michael Nazir-Ali, Conviction and Conflict: Islam, Christianity and World Order (London: Continuum, 2006).

“A frank account…of the role of religion in conflict.” Historical perspective to understand relations between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Michael Nazir-Ali, Faith, Freedom and the Future: Challenges for the 21st Century, Wipf and Stock, 2016.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali surveys the current challenges facing today’s church, including the challenge of Islam, and provides a compelling hope-filled vision of what a living Christian faith, and its comprehensive outworking, can offer society today


Colin Chapman, “Islamic Terrorism”: Is there a Christian Response? E 139 Grove Ethics Series (Cambridge: Grove, 2005).

Cover: E 139 'Islamic Terrorism': Is there a Christian Response?

Can terrorist attacks by Muslims rightly be called “Islamic terrorism”? Does the problem lies with Islam as a religion, or with Western politics and history–or both? In light of the Christchurch mosque shootings this booklet takes on a new layer of meaning as we face the same questions about our own Christian faith. [BJ 1188.5 E139]